Editor’s note: Pardon The Interruption celebrates its 10th birthday this month. Last week, Front Row brought you highlights from the show’s Oct. 22, 2001 debut and a podcast with producer Matt Kelliher. Today, enjoy NEW video highlights from 10 years of show openings above. Think you know your PTI? Take the quiz constructed by PTI executive producer Erik Rydholm after the jump.

  • Ryan Popovich

    PTI is the best. Keep TK and Willy Bunz!!!

    • David Scott

      Willy Bunz? Whatever works. Thanks for sharing!

  • doug graus

    congrats on 10 yrs…you knuckleheads how many times i’ve heard that…man the years go fast..did you guys lose any more hair in that time…behave and heres to the next 10..later.doug from voorhees n.j.

    • David Scott

      Thanks Doug – there was very little hair to begin with so that’s a tough barmoeter to use!

  • Chris D

    Congrats to 10 years of the best show on ESPN!! Keep up the amazing work!! On a side note, I had a chance to meet Wilbon during the ESPN Superbowl party in Tampa 2 yrs ago, and dude is just as cool in real-life as he seems on the show.. totally made my night!!