Outtakes from the wildly popular John Clayton “This is SportsCenter” commercial.

As it nears 2 million views on YouTube and garners attention from all corners of the country — including the men in the band whose t-shirt is displayed prominently — John Clayton’s “This is SportsCenter” commercial continues to amuse, delight and astound.

Now, to satiate the incredible appetite for heavy metal’s favorite NFL reporter (sorry, Adam Schefter), we are proud to share the just-released outtakes video (above) from the making of what is already one of the most popular “This Is SportsCenter” ads ever.

The actual ad is posted below if, by some chance, you haven’t seen it yet. And here’s the ponytail, in all its glory.

  • GordsGold

    That segment with John Clayton is a real Classic & very funny! Great job by John & all inviloved in putting it together, Gordy

  • Greg Canavan

    Love this commercial. One of the best ESPN has done and that says a lot. Great job John.