Mike Soltys

While a senior at UConn in 1980, founder Bill Rasmussen and pioneering executive Rosa Gatti hired me as an intern and I never could imagine a reason to leave. Gee, how the place has grown. Today I’m VP, U.S. Network Communications working with an outstanding group of folks who handle publicity and media relations for ESPN’s networks in the USA. Since that doesn’t keep me busy enough, I work on ESPN on ABC too. Follow it all at: twitter.com/espnmikes A native New Englander, the teams my family and I cheer for are the Huskies and Sox. Involvement in the community is an important part of life’s journey. Here’s a plug for my favorite non-profit I help out: http://www.southingtonbreadforlife.com/

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More impact journalism from reporter Paula Lavigne on this weekend's Outside the Lines, this time looking at Indiana University's medical athletic staff .

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