Behind The Scenes

11:00 PM – 12:00 AM EDT

11:58 PM EDT The Final Wave

Senior manager/multimedia Rich Arden completes our marathon “A Day In The Life” project.

11:02 PM EDT Under The Walkway

Not a creature is stirring near the Building 4 entrance.

11:15 PM EDT Heading Down The Stretch

An employee strolls through Gate C to refuel at the ESPN Cafe.

11:18 PM EDT By The Numbers

Members of ESPN Stats and Information in the Stats & Analysis newsroom break down contests to the last detail.

11:23 PM EDT Los Angeles: Dulcet Tones

CJ Newton, 710 ESPN Production Director, puts the finishing touches on a client commercial.

11:30 PM EDT Los Angeles: Step Up To The Mic

John Chin, 710 ESPN Radio Continuity Manager, stops and double-checks last-minute changes to tomorrow’s broadcast commercial log.

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