Behind The Scenes

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

3:00 PM EDT – Line Change

Linda Cohn and Michelle Bonner review their SportsCenter scripts before starting their show.

3:01 PM EDT – A Good Day is Done

John Buccigross and Chris McKendry leave the Studio area after finishing a SportsCenter shift.

3:23 PM EDT – Chicago, Ill.: You deserve a break today

A look inside the production truck at McDonalds All American games at the United Center.

3:20 PM EDT – Chicago, Ill.: Practice, practice, practice

Freelance camera operators preparing for the game telecast.

3:05 PM EDT – Southington, CT Starship enterprise

Marco Poulin, transmission specialist, works from a lift to align a Torus satellite feed assembly to ensure optimal signal reception from one of the 47 satellites dishes.

3:00 PM EDT – Southington, CT Big dish fixings

Marco Poulin works his magic on the satellites dishes.

3:07 PM EDT – Making big plans

Engineers George Parson and Sophia Hudson look over drawings for production control room D7, currently under construction in the digital center.

3:09 PM EDT – Los Angeles: 710 ESPN AM

“Max & Marcellus” 10 am to 2 pm / Show Prep

Max Kellerman, co-host of “Max & Marcellus,” (foreground) argues a point for a show topic with Marcellus Wiley (left), co-host, and Amenda Brown, Show Producer.

3:12 PM EDT – Los Angeles: 710 ESPN AM

710 ESPN Sales Team reviews digital platforms for in conference room.

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