Behind The Scenes

6:00PM – 7:00 PM EDT

6:03 PM EDT: Party Planners

Employee Resource Group members (l-r) Ivory Scinto, Belen Michelis, Kalidia Reyes (background) and Chenille Hernandez make plans for an upcoming “Language Buddy” banquet.

6:05:10 PM EDT: Putting the Pieces Together

6:05 PM EDT: Foos-tastic Four

In ESPN’s Building 4, (l-r) Dave Fishel, Bradford Lage, Christian Allgood and Dan Perras enjoy a game of foosball.

6:06 PM EDT: Southington, CT: A Sign Of The Times

Just in case you find yourself on South Campus, you can find direction here.

6:08 PM EDT: Captains Fantastic

Matthew Berry (seated) and Brendan Houle plot their fantasy baseball lineups.

6:10 PM EDT: Next!

There might be a wait outside Chris Berman’s office.

6:10 PM EDT: Your Cards And Letters

Even in the digital age, there’s always room for the old-fashioned delivery.

6:12 PM EDT: Seems Like Old Times

Baseball analyst and former pitcher Orel Hershiser takes to the Dodger Stadium mound a day before an ESPN Opening Day telecast.

The sports day gets condensed to an hour here in SportsCenter Master Control.

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