Behind The Scenes

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM EDT

8:36 AM EDT – Hannah Storm

Grabbing a bite to eat as she hustles off to Studio F to host morning SportsCenter.

8:20 AM EDT – Morning Meditation

Employees gather at the ESPN Health and Wellness Center for Meditation class.

8:20 AM EDT – SportsNation is Healthy

SportsNation Coordinating Producer Jaime Horowitz discusses show format with producer Whit Albohm while they wait for his and his breakfast fruit smoothies at the ESPN Cafe.

8:09 AM EDT – Madison Square Garden NBA Prep

Production operations prepares for Nets at Knicks in NYC.

8:06 AM EDT – ESPNU/ESPN Regional Television facility

Hard rain falls in Charlotte, NC.

8:04 AM EDT – Press Clips

Dan Quinn and Kimberly Jarvis compile ESPN clips package of the news of the day.

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