Behind The Scenes

A look back at “A Day In The Life”

Thanks for joining us during Launch Week for ESPN Front Row. For a three-day old, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

We needed to cover a lot of ground to execute “A Day In The Life” photo essay on Wednesday. Dozens of ESPN employees shot hundreds of pictures of their colleagues at work in a 24-hour period. We’re proud of them and the results. To revisit, please click here.

Over the weekend, return to Front Row to read about’s 16th birthday as seen through the eyes of Rob King, Editor-In-Chief. You’ll also meet someone who eats to his heart’s content and then burns it off — 40-pound weight loss so far — with yoga and triathlons.

Next week, you’ll get perspective on The Masters from a reporter who is assigned to chronicle the first-time-at-Augusta experience of a golfer named Jhonny Vegas. You’ll also meet the people who get to hang out with all the celebrities who visit ESPN’s studios during our “Car Wash.” There also will be bungee jumpers, madcap English soccer adventures and lots more.

Now who needs a long-sleeved shirt?

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