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ESPN’s regal legal eagle

A sports fan’s “bucket list” might include: attending Wimbledon; taking batting practice at Yankee Stadium; anchoring SportsCenter; and taking a law course from Roger Cossack?

Well, the folks at The National Jurist magazine listed ESPN’s legal analyst among  “a staff of 23 law faculty you should take before you die. “

The March 2011 issue asks “What if you could bring together some of the most interesting law profs from across the nation? Not necessarily the professors who would teach you best. But the faculty that would entertain, inspire and intrigue you?” Cossack was included in the answer.

“Learning how to communicate the complexities of law to my students has helped me communicate sports’ legal issues to ESPN viewers,” Cossack said. “And while it’s an honor to be recognized by National Jurist, I’m not sure if anyone else — particularly my students — has ever had me on their ‘Bucket Lists.’”

Cossack qualified for National Jurist’s “Bucket List” by teaching his “Media and the Law” course at the Pepperdine University School of Law. The publication describes those on its list as, “some of the most entertaining, influential and riveting professors in legal academia.”

Recently on ESPN, Cossack has offered his expertise on the Barry Bonds’ trial.

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