The List: Endorsements

Today, ESPN makes available via the list of relevant and approved endorsements involving ESPN commentators.

As noted by Norby Williamson, Executive Vice President, Production, in his ESPN FrontRow post last week, relevant, approved endorsements include those with companies that have ties to the sports world.

  • Robert

    What about Kenny Mayne and Erin Andrews Mountain Dew commercials ?

  • John

    Wheres the P90X crew? Gottlieb, Greenburg and Golic?

    • The endorsement policy outlines the guidelines of what will be included in the list. Check it out. Thanks for reading Front Row.

  • Chris

    Berman doesn’t endorse anything?

  • Chris

    Sheldon, the guidelines say: they “apply to all ESPN talent, including anchors…”

    “All relevant, approved talent endorsements will be publicly disclosed on”

    So ALL talent must submit ALL endorsements, which will ALL be disclosed. What am I missing? Berman, Mayne, Golic – all those guys are covered, yet not on the list.

    • Hi. All relevant endorsements. Relevant in this case includes any sports-related product endorsements. Thanks for the question.