Bump and Run: Indy 500 Drivers

Don’t you just love the smell of gasoline in the morning?  Maybe you’d prefer to kiss some bricks?  No?  How about a nice tall glass of milk?

 Stay with me on this one.

 On Sunday, May 29th, the Indianapolis 500 will celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary with 33 drivers racing 500 miles at speeds reaching 230 mph to win the Indy 500 and their place in history.  And to the victor goes the spoils which means sipping or chugging a bottle of milk and kissing the famed yard of bricks that mark the speedway’s start/finish line. 

 Make sense now?  I hope so. 

 The top 3 qualifiers for Sunday’s race recently made a pit stop at our Bristol headquarters where I was able to slow them down long enough for ESPN Front Row’s latest installment of Bump and Run.

 The Indianapolis 500 can be seen live on Sunday, May 29th at Noon ET on ABC.

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