Dedication and Respect

We launched this blog March 30 to provide a front row view of ESPN and our people.

In that spirit, we share this message that ESPN President George Bodenheimer posted on our employee website today:

Our company has accomplished much over the past 31 years and every day produces an unparalleled body of work unimagined three decades ago.

Today we are defined by the efforts of thousands of dedicated and creative employees, good people who work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of serving sports fans. We work as hard to reinforce our values of care and respect for all employees and never hesitate to take action in support of maintaining an inclusive, collaborative and professional work environment.

Our story will be chronicled this week in a new book, described by the authors as “how a crazy idea grew into one of the most successful media enterprises of all time.” The book has already generated news coverage, with some early reports centering on the sensational. That is not surprising – we know that success brings scrutiny.

Let me simply say in anticipation of it that I am very proud of our work and our culture and I am honored to be your colleague.

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