Behind The Scenes

Wall-E sequel or NBA in 3D?

Editor’s note: Ben Cerny is an ESPN Graphics/Playback Producer. He’s covering the NBA playoffs with the 3D production team. They covered the Atlanta Hawks-Orlando Magic series; Friday, they will be adding another dimension to coverage of Game 3 of the Hawks-Chicago Bulls series ( 7 p.m. ET, ESPN,, ESPN3D).

PHOTO ABOVE: The camera mounted beneath the backboard is not Wall-E or Johnny 5 [from the movie Short Circuit ]. It’s our 3D Below The Rim camera, one lens for each eye.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Yes, we wear glasses in the truck. Producer Joe Taylor and director Doug Holmes in game mode recently in Atlanta.

We also use 2D and 3D cameras side-by-side. The goal is to create more events where one production crew can service both a 2D and 3D broadcast.

We’ve executed it for boxing and college football.

Our Winter X Games shows shared a high percentage of such camera positions.

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