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Peterson directs Mag’s ‘Revenge’

During the 2010 NFL season, rapper Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow became the Pittsburgh Steelers’ unofficial anthem in their march to a Super Bowl berth.

If running back Adrian Peterson and his Minnesota Vikings need musical motivation to inspire a similar trek, he feels like he has just the song to do it.

Simply cue up I’m A Boss by a rapper who calls himself Lil Keke.

Really, Adrian? How does it go?

“I’m a boss!” the Vikings All-Pro begins to warble.

And then, just as quickly, the rest of the lyrics escape him.

His ESPN The Magazine co-workers and other onlookers break out in laughter, as does Peterson himself — who on this particular June day in Bristol, Conn., really was a boss.

Peterson was the guest Editor-In-Chief for The Mag’s “Revenge Of The Jocks” issue, in mailboxes this Wednesday and on newsstands Friday.

“[I’ve enjoyed] being able to go around and connect with the workers here,” said Peterson, perched in the seat of the Mag’s actual EIC Chad Millman.

“It’s been great to see the people who make this magazine happen.”

What were the editorial calls Peterson actually made for this issue? He would not say, though there is a surprise meeting with Peterson’s childhood hero (we’ll keep it a surprise) documented on pages 78-79.

But if, under some bizarre circumstance, Peterson actually needed a magazine gig to make a living, he thinks being a photographer would be a snap.

“I can adapt to pretty much anything. It would take me a while to adjust. Photography? I think I can handle a camera,” he said.

ESPN Communications Photo Editor Kim Jarvis, who took the picture of Peterson and his Mag co-workers above, offered him her camera.

“I’ll take it and start practicing!” he said, chuckling.

As luck would have it, the NFL’s 18-week lockout ended the week of Peterson’s issue appears. He will soon report to training camp.

Entering his fifth NFL season, Peterson can become a free agent in 2012. Will he be happy to re-sign with the Vikings, or will he test the free agent waters?

“Right now, I’m focused on being employed, being able to play, ” said Peterson during his Bristol visit. “Whenever this year is over, we’ll focus on a new contract.”

Even on the steps of ESPN The Magazine’s new offices, Adrian Peterson finds himself the center of attention.

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