College GameDay Quiz: Day 2


ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot will return for its 25th season Saturday.

The show will air live from the neutral site of the Cowboys Classic at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, beginning at 9 a.m. ET on ESPNU and from 10-noon on ESPN. The College GameDay set will be located outside the state-of-the art facility in Lot 3.

In a much anticipated opening weekend game, Oregon will face LSU in the Classic as part of the weekly Saturday Night Football Presented by Southwest Airlines series at 8 p.m. on ABC.

In commemoration of the show’s 25th year, we’ve produced 25 related trivia questions.

We’ll reveal five questions a day on Front Row in the countdown to Saturday.

Check in Thursday for five new questions and the answers to Day 2’s quiz, which starts below.

The percentages only reflect how people taking the quiz answered that question.

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Answers to Tuesday’s Questions:

1) November 13, 1993 in South Bend, Ind., when No. 1 Florida State visited No. 2 Notre Dame

2) September 3, 2005, for Notre Dame at Pittsburgh

3) Florida has appeared in games that GameDay has visited 32 times with Ohio State at a close second with 29

4) GameDay has been to Ohio State 13 times, the most of any campus, followed by Florida with 11 appearances

5) GameDay has been to 44 matchups more than once, including a record-eight times to the Florida vs. Florida State rivalry

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