Behind The Scenes

Uncharted ground with Vick

Trying to capture Michael Vick in words could be even more difficult than trying to tackle him in the open field.

Our colleagues at ESPN The Magazine should be the envy of NFL defenses.

They’ve captured the Philadelphia Eagles’ hot-button quarterback in words both on and inside the cover.

The 188-page volume is the first issue of The Mag devoted to one athlete.

You can see evidence of the unique cover concept on the inline photo of the Sept. 5 NFL Preview issue and in the video shoot above.

Inside, there’s plenty of takes on the controversial star including a 44-player poll entitled “Vick Confidential” and Senior Writer David Fleming’s three related bylined pieces.

Here’s a link to one Fleming profile of Vick entitled “There Is No Middle Ground.”

Subscribers will have the issue in their mailboxes Wednesday. Friday, the magazine will be on newsstands.

Read more about the issue by clicking here.

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