Behind The Scenes

Where numbers get crunched, quickly

The Statistics and Information Group's bottom line.

Ever wonder how ESPN calculates home run distance?

Or how the statistics, plays and scoring summaries of your favorite games are displayed in real-time on your ScoreCenter app?

Look no further than the Statistics and Information Group, comprised of the departments BottomLine, Stats & Analysis, Production Analytics and Production Research.

If a score or statistic is displayed on an ESPN platform, that information came from the Stats & Information Group, specifically within the Stats & Analysis department.

To celebrate a new home on North Campus and to provide ESPN employees with a better understanding of the role it plays within the company, the Stats & Analysis department, in conjunction with its other group partners, held an open house in July.

Stats & Analysis provides real-time information to myriad Internet and mobile platforms.

“I hope people will gain a greater awareness of what we do,” said Noel Nash, Senior Director of Statistics and Analysis.

“We are very behind the scenes and I don’t think people realize where all the information comes from.”

The Stats & Analysis department was created in 2006 to become the statistics hub of ESPN.

With a full-time staff of more than 70 people, the department works to monitor and provide all live stats viewers see on-air and through Internet and mobile platforms.

“We supply all clock score and statistics to all ESPN platforms and ensure that they are accurate,” said Nicole Pelaez-Dandrea, Director of Statistics and Analysis.

“We are heavily involved in ensuring that everything (data) is tested properly before you see it on television.”

Open house attendees were able to learn about each Stat & Information department group by traveling to stations set up throughout the new office space.

“It’s inspiring to see how one group’s work touches so many platforms,” said attendee Barry Rahmy, Senior Director of Business Operations of Creative Services.

“TV, publishing and digital media all benefit from the innovations of Stats and Analysis. Maybe convergence truly is here.”

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