Week in Review

Ron Jaworski, Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico

I suppose that since we’re sports fans at our core we like to have things to cheer about and celebrating our milestones give us that outlet.  We had a good one this week with our 32nd Anniversary on the 7th and that was just the beginning of a great week.  We also announced our new NFL deal.   (We’ll be offering more studio shows and Monday Night Football will have a home on ESPN through 2021!)  Also, our analysts made their NFL picks and we gave you a peek at some of the skills needed for the fitness combine that some of our employees went through.  More coverage on that will come next week.

If you’re interested to learn about our history check out the videos posted so far of the conversation captured last spring between ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen and two other ESPN pioneers.  They took time out of their schedules to share their stories about the very early days of ESPN.

Next week we have another anniversary of sorts to commemorate and we’ll unveil our new weekend twitter recap; bring you to CSU – Creative Services University and we’ll lift the curtain on the Da Da Da, Da Da Da guy!

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