Week in review

When is my school going to be featured with an ESPNU treatment?

That seems to be the common sentiment among those who have watched the ESPNU Mascots Cycle video (above).

As Front Row’s Dan Quinn explained in a feature this week, about 140 school mascots have been reinvented by the creative minds behind the animation so far.

That leaves hundreds of treatments still to be done.

Believe us when we say, the new ones are on the drawing board.

We at Front Row have no say in the matter, but we’re curious: Which schools’ logos would you most want to see “get the ESPNU treatment” and why?

Submit your suggestions in the comments box below, and chime in on Facebook and Twitter, too.

This past week, Front Row also featured:

* The debut of a new Front Row feature, The Weekend Tweetback;

* Insight into the debut of a new ESPN2 program Numbers Never Lie* featuring Michael Smith and Charissa Thompson.

* A look at how Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and First Take’s Skip Bayless — one of the Heat’s harshest critics — squared off live in Bristol.

Speaking of numbers, Elias Sports Bureau stats guru Steve Hirdt is celebrating his 30th year with Monday Night Football. Newsday has an interesting feature on the man who has a run longer than even Tony Dorsett’s.

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