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Guillen on being BBTN’s new analyst

ARLINGTON, Texas — He’s outspoken. He’s candid. He tells it like it is.

He’s Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen.

He’s a manager, a champion and one of baseball’s most controversial figures.

He’s a lot of things to a lot of people, but at least for the next several days, he’s an ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst.

Guillen’s on the road with the Baseball Tonight crew at the 2011 MLB World Series, providing his baseball expertise and insights to what has turned into a memorable Cardinals versus Rangers showdown.

ESPN Front Row had an opportunity to catch up with Guillen on Sunday morning after he wrapped up an appearance on SportsCenter.

After walking off the Baseball Tonight set and into the talent’s green room, the sharply dressed Guillen was excited, respectful, and all business.

“It’s been amazing. It has really been amazing,” said Guillen. “Everyone I work with is so good. This is exciting.”

Even though Guillen makes his analysis seem effortless on TV, he says the gig has plenty of challenges.

“It can be tough. The hardest thing is that it’s so fast. It’s live TV, you know? Everything is fast. I just want to keep up and keep it going.”

Guillen attributes his high comfort level to his Baseball Tonight colleagues.

“Oh yeah, I mean you see these guys on TV everyday. You watch them everyday, so you feel like you know them. It helps you know what to say.”

Does he have any Baseball Tonight favorites?

“I’ve known John Kruk for a long time. He has helped me a lot. I really like working with John,” he said.

Is Kruk a threat to Guillen’s status as baseball’s most outspoken figure?

“He’s more outspoken than me. The thing is, I’m still managing. I’m still in the game. This is John’s job and he does it very well. I may not always be able to say everything that I’m thinking,” Guillen said, laughing.

In addition to Kruk, Guillen has worked alongside ESPN commentators Curt Schilling, Barry Larkin, Aaron Boone and Karl Ravech during the World Series. As Ozzie says, you can’t beat being around baseball, especially at World Series time.

His thoughts so far on what is already being called one of the most exciting World Series’ in recent memory?

“It’s been surprising. I thought the entire series would be more like what we saw in Game 3. But, we got two good pitching match-ups in Games 1 and 2. I think the rest of the way it could be more like what we saw [Saturday]. ”

You can watch Guillen on Baseball Tonight — pregame (7 p.m. ET) and postgame (generally midnight ET) — telecasts throughout the remainder of the World Series.

In addition, ESPN Radio has exclusive national broadcasts of every game. You can also listen live on and via the ESPN Radio app.

Follow Ozzie Guillen on Twitter @ozzieguillen.

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