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Jon Ritchie discusses Jerry Sandusky

ESPN NFL analyst Jon Ritchie appeared on First Take and Outside the Lines on Friday to discuss his view on the Penn State scandal.

Ritchie, a native of Mechanicsburg, Pa., was recruited by Jerry Sandusky and first met the former Nittany Lion coach when Ritchie was 14 years old. Sandusky is at the center of this week’s horrific story emanating from State College and Penn State.

“I thought I knew Jerry Sandusky,” Ritchie said.

“I thought he was the most passionate, altruistic, selfless man on the face of the planet. . . (Where I grew up) Penn State football is IT. . . and on the sideline was this man, Jerry Sandusky, who led that defense – the most dominant defense, in my mind, in the history of football and. . . I got to know him and I loved him. I thought he was what I wanted to be.”

Ritchie wound up attending Michigan (later transferring to Stanford). More from Ritchie can be found in the video above. It’s from Ritchie’s discussion with Bob Ley on Friday’s OTL.

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