MNF Open: Vikings-Packers

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ESPN’s Monday Night Football crew knew that the Nov. 14 contest was a particularly big game — a division rivalry between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers at historic Lambeau Field. The matchup was also played on the heels of ESPN’s Salute to Veterans week.

The timing of the game provided a perfect opportunity to celebrate the teamwork and leadership that the undefeated Packers embody, as well as those same qualities that our military veterans stand for in ensuring our nation’s freedom.

Crew members Rico Labbe, Michael Sciallis, Jason Jobes and Whitney O’Steen created this week’s MNF open, which honors the men and women who serve our country.

Decorated Marine Jake Wood narrates the video above.

MNF also salutes its own crew members who are veterans: Diane Michaud (Production), who served in the US Women’s Army Corps (WACs); and Navy veterans Doug Birmingham (Audio) and Dave Hensley (NEP).

We thank them for their loyalty to team and country.

For more information on the Week 10 MNF open, read this story in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

To follow the 2011 ESPN’s Monday Night Football season, embed this handy Google calendar.

  • Tim Young

    Awesome! Proud to be btoh an American and Packer fan. Thanks to all the armed forces that give us the great freedom we enjoy! God Bless and God Speed to you all.

  • Scott Rehn

    Gentlemen, INCREDIBLE idea and finished project! I was actually flying home to Appleton, WI and missed the 1st 1/2 of the game. I found the article about it this morning. I also live in Oceanside,CA and have a VERY STRONG love of the MARINE CORPS. As soon as I posted this on facebook, young MARINE boys that call my home theirs started responding as to how they reacted to the opening of the MNF game. They may not have been Packer fans before, but from what I hear, they sure as hell are now! I guess at the opening of the show, every one of the guys were on their feet, screaming and yelling at the screen in TOTAL APPROVAL! I LOVE you what you guys have produced this last week,(it DID bring tears to my eyes.) As they say in the Corps., “Once a Packer fan, ALWAYS a Packer fan.”,,,,,OOPS! I mean MARINE!!!!! OORAHHH!!!

  • Ronald Kearns

    Being an unwaivering Packers fan and a Combat Veteran of Desert Storm I love to see things like this. Although I was Army (lol)

  • Hunny

    Having been reared in GB in a family of patriotic cheeseheads (my father served at Pearl Harbor during WWII) and once, long ago having been married to a Packer for 35 nanoseconds, I have never been more proud of the team; and I’m so very grateful that you have reminded us all of the sacrifices our boys and men have made so that we can cheer for the green and gold. Also, Very proud of AR for his striving to become the best man in the NFL, not just the best QB.

  • Matt

    Being a Marine and a Packers fan, this gave me chills.