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Legend spoofs one of his hits with Extra-Ordinary Tebow on First Take

Singer/songwriter John Legend won three Grammy Awards for his 2004 debut album Get Lifted, a disc which featured the hit single Ordinary People.

A big sports fan, Legend visited Bristol on Wednesday to join debaters Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and host Jay Crawford on First Take.

While Legend jumped into the fray to debate a wide variety of topics, he also treated viewers to a performance spoofing Ordinary Peoplecalled Extra-Ordinary Tebow.

The latter song is about Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback who is no stranger to being subject to First Take musical treatment.

How did the idea for Legend’s Tebow song come about?

First Take Coordinating Producer Jamie Horowitz said: “The season of Tim Tebow has led to months of barbershop debate on First Take. And, of course, the debates led to a couple original songs.

“We debuted All He Does Is Win a few months ago and have been trying to find a proper way to button the Tebow season ever since.  When John asked to join the show, we figured it was the perfect match.

“Tebow has been an extraordinary story —  he’s been the most divisive, most compelling, figure in sports — and while John liked parts of his game, he felt the media had overdosed on Tebowmania. It was a fun song to write with John as he both complemented Tebow and mocked the media.”

John Legend on ESPN First Take – Images by ESPN

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