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The Word up: Julie Foudy, Jemele Hill part of new series

The Word, where well-respected female journalists and television analysts discuss current sports issues, launches today on

This new video series will be set in a roundtable format and include ESPN’s Julie Foudy, Jemele Hill, Sarah Spain, Jane McManus, Prim Siripipat and Cassidy Hubbarth.

The first episodes were taped yesterday and will feature Foudy, Hill and Hubbarth discussing several current topics: Can women’s pro sports leagues succeed? Are female athletes using their sexuality too much to build their brand? In the wake of Gisele Bundchen’s reaction to the New England Patriots Super Bowl loss, what is the proper way to react to defeat?

“This is an exciting concept and I look forward to being involved in this new show,” said Foudy.

“Similar to my playing days and the constant banter with teammates, it’s great to be back on a team debating hot topics… with more makeup on now. It’s also another great opportunity to highlight the personalities and voice of espnW.”

The new series will go live on midday today, but we have a sneak peek behind the scenes of yesterday’s shoot here.

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