espnW’s new site recognizes
40th anniversary of Title IX law

Title IX is mine.

In fifth grade, I was the only girl to go out for a local soccer team. When I made the team, the coach quit rather than coach a girl, leaving the team to disband.

It didn’t deter me from playing soccer in high school and even being invited to play for some college teams when I was deciding which school to attend.

Several years later, I see the effects of Title IX as my daughter was the leading scorer for her co-ed travel soccer team. It was never a question as to whether a girl would play with the boys. Her male coach treated all players equally.

The Power of IX

I relay that story as an introduction to today’s official launch of ESPN’s recognition of the 40th anniversary of Title IX with the unveiling of a multi-faceted microsite on

The Power of IX dedicated microsite on will be the digital destination for ESPN’s examination and recognition of the 40th anniversary of Title IX.

The debut of the site features an exclusive interview by writer Andy Katz speaking with President Obama on the history of Title IX and what it means to him personally as the father of two daughters active in sports.

For the next three months,’s efforts will drive content across multiple platforms with a mix of in-depth feature stories, first-person athlete perspectives, a series of compelling and informative lists of nine and more. In the video above, Laura Gentile, vice president, espnW, spoke with Front Row to provide an overview of the site and what fans will see the next three months.

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