Behind The Scenes

Inside Buzzer Beater during an action-packed Championship Week

Like any hoops fan, you want to watch as many Championship Week games as you can and all of them if possible.

But most importantly, you want to watch the best action. Unfortunately, for most of us there’s just one TV screen and maybe a computer or smart phone to follow additional games. Of course, you can flip to the games but how long to stay without missing something in another game? And there’s the rub.

ESPN had a solution for games every Wednesday and Saturday through the regular-season and on select Championship Week days — Buzzer Beater. Available to Time Warner Cable Sports Tier, Bright House Networks Customers and Verizon FiOS TV Ultimate HD and Extreme HD Customers, Buzzer Beater provides live cut-ins, highlights and up-to-the-minute commentary from numerous Championship Week games from across the ESPN networks.

You can also catch Buzzer Beater on the WatchESPN app, which delivers live access to PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Next up is college football and the return of Goal Line. Football is less than six months away!

In the video above, Buzzer Beater host Mike Yam and analyst Stephen Howard give the joys and ins and outs of college basketball cut-ins.

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