Week in review

Analysts Jay Bilas and Rece Davis discuss Norfolk State’s triumph over Missouri.

Peyton Manning hasn’t quite yet found his next home, Dwight Howard is staying home and in historic fashion, two No. 2 seeds went home.

The madness didn’t truly arrive until Friday night, but here at Front Row, we dove in early with a Storified version of the NCAA Women’s Tournament Selection Show.

We proceeded to go batty over the brackets but not before honoring the heroes among us.

Also worth another look:

Brackets poured into ESPN Fantasy’s bracket machine and by Saturday morning, NONE of the near-6.5 million entries were perfect.

Other Pre-Round of 32 Fackets (Facts on the brackets from ESPN’s Tournament Challenge)

      • 4 brackets hold the best record through the Round of 64 with just 2 losses
      • 5 brackets hold the worst record with just 5 wins

Bracket Busters:
• 24,492 brackets (0.38%) picked Lehigh, Norfolk State & Ohio correctly
• 1.2% picked Norfolk State over Mizzou
• 28.2% picked St. Louis over Memphis, but only 1.6% have them advancing to the Sweet 16
• 1.18% picked Lehigh over Duke, yet only 12.9% had Duke reaching the Final Four – the lowest of all #2 seeds
• 11.7% picked Ohio over Michigan, but 4.8% picked them to advance to Sweet 16 – the highest total among #13 seeds

Celebrity Bracket Stats:
• President Obama: 97.1st percentile and currently ranked 185,478
• LeBron James: 10.2nd percentile, currently ranked 5,791,822

* ESPN sent a few fortunate ESPN people, some office supplies and two lucky easels to Washington, D.C. for a remarkable journey of bracket completion.

* ESPN NASCAR analyst and former University of North Carolina basketball star Brad Daugherty sees a UNC-Kentucky title game.

* ESPN’s Stan Verrett teamed with the creative folks from the Funny or Die group to help those who were “Tournament Challenge” challenged.

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