ESPN’s commitment to journalism

As ESPN has grown so too has the depth and diversity of content offered.

Along with that evolution has come increased scrutiny of ESPN’s editorial offerings and practices. While ESPN encourages — and routinely engages in — thoughtful discussion on ways to improve and better utilize its resources, there also remains an undercurrent of criticism not supported by fact.

In an effort to clear up some of these misperceptions, Patrick Stiegman, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, ESPN.com, authored this piece, which appears in this week’s Sports Business Journal.

For further illustration, after the jump, Front Row presents recent examples of enterprise and investigative achievements at ESPN. While not an exhaustive list, it highlights ESPN’s efforts in these areas in recent months. It is also worth noting that 19 of our 52 nominations for next week’s Emmy Awards are for long-form investigative journalism.

Outside The Lines:

• Fight on State: In wake of scandal, power struggle spread from Penn State campus to state capital – Don Van Natta

• UFC Fighter Pay: An investigation into fighter pay in the popular Ultimate Fighting Championship – John Barr

• Bobby Dodd: An investigation of the CEO and president of AAU Basketball, accused of molesting two former player from his youth basketball team in Memphis – Tom Farrey

• Bernie Fine: Broke the story that two former Syracuse ball boys were accusing assistant coach Bernie Fine of molesting them when they were ball boys – Mark Schwarz


• Mike Fish on top marching band hazing

• Paula Lavigne on Penn State keeping violent fans from stadiums:

• Liz Merrill on Jeremy Lin’s impact

• Mike Fish on Murder for Hire: Mike Danton

• Bloodline: Bruno de Souza murder for hire case

ESPN The Magazine:

Lindsay Berra : In-depth investigation in the Tommy John surgery epidemic among not just major leaguers, but pitchers from high school and up

• Shaun Assael: Examining the expenses of the BCS bowls


• Lisa Salters: The Fighter: Christy Martin

• Jeremy Schaap: The Athletes of Bahrain

Ben Houser: The Wrestler: The Scott Hall Story


• Jay Caspian Kang: Person of Interest, Jeremy Lin

• Charles P. Pierce: Tebow’s Religion: Fair Game

• Jonathan Abrams: The Malice at the Palace

• Michael Weinreb: The Dumb History and Misplaced Nostalgia

• Charles P. Pierce: The Brutal Truth About Penn State

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