Behind The Scenes

Follow NFL legend Jim Brown through the ESPN Car Wash

What’s it like to follow a legend?

It’s a question Andrew Luck and David Robertson will have to answer in the NFL and MLB replacing the likes of Peyton Manning and Mariano Rivera, respectively.

But by watching the video above, you can know what it’s like to follow a legend — minus all the pressure to replace him.

Pro Football Hall Of Famer Jim Brown visited the Bristol campus recently and allowed ESPN Communications’ cameras to follow him during his “Car Wash.”

The former Cleveland Browns star, 76, is regarded by many as the NFL’s greatest player: From 1957-1965, he rushed for a then league career record 12,312 yards. He was a four-time MVP.

ESPN Talent Producer Jason Romano is your host for the tour of Brown’s Car Wash, which features stops on First Take, NFL Live and ESPN Radio.

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