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Front & Center: Alex French, Howie Kahn on Grantland’s look at WFAN

ESPN's Mike Breen (left), seen here with analyst Jeff Van Gundy, was a key voice in WFAN's history.

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On Tuesday, Grantland posted another of its “Oral Histories” features, this one chronicling the “the fall and rise of the first all-sports talk station, WFAN.”

The same writers — Alex French and Howie Kahn — who penned the critically acclaimed oral history of The National worked their reporting and interviewing magic on this story as well.

The duo joined the “Front & Center” podcast to share an oral history of their current Oral History and among the topics discussed are: the process of interviewing 60 people, which created 100 hours of tape and a transcript of 1,250 pages; creating “flow” for a 15,000-plus word piece; the influence of 30 for 30 on their storytelling; ESPN’s John Walsh and his Bob Cousy-like assist for the piece; and a tease of their next oral history project.

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