ESPN well-represented at UNITY journalism conference in Las Vegas

(L-R) ESPN employees Elaine Sung, Dominie Dickens, Christie Dockman, Traci Mack, Theresa Nolan and Bowen Dou. (Photo courtesy of Carolyn Hong)

LAS VEGAS — For ESPN, it is the perfect opportunity to explore one of the company’s most important goals: adding to a diverse workforce.

Thousands of media professionals have converged converged in Las Vegas for the Unity conference, one of the largest gatherings of journalists that takes place every four years.

ESPN’s Michael Kim (L)

This year, members of the Asian American Journalists Association, the Native American Journalists Association, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association gathered to network, get some professional training and share ideas about how to continue the fight for more diversity in the media.

ESPN has a strong presence at the conference, with some 30 employees staffing an information booth over four days at the exhibitor hall.

“We see this as a great opportunity to connect with four major journalism groups to find diverse talent,” said Jackson Davis, ESPN’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

ESPN staff also is participating in several of the Convention’s workshops.

SportsCenter anchor Michael Kim and senior writer LZ Granderson are among the members of a panel on Friday, titled “Lessons from Linsanity,” which will focus on when “. . .the puns go too far in the frenzy and haste to cover breakout and trending stars?. . .do ethnicity, nationality and religion or sexual orientation matter?”

Granderson will also be on a panel titled, “Inclusive Coverage: Bringing LGBT voices to mainstream outlets,” which will look at “. . .How can niche and mainstream media include these voices in everyday coverage? How non-LGBT reporters and editors can be sensitive about these minorities, understand the differences among them, include their voices in beat stories and give authentic voice to their own stories?. . .”

The convention wraps up Saturday afternoon.

ESPN employee Theresa Nolan at the ESPN booth during the UNITY convention. (Photo courtesy of Carolyn Hong)
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