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Frank Caliendo levels the Mikes with his side-splitting impressions

Comedian, impersonator and impressionist Frank Caliendo visited ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning on Wednesday giving listeners, viewers and users a heaping helping of laughter to go along with their a.m. coffee.

Along with the obligatory yet always amusing Charles Barkley and John Madden routines, Caliendo tossed in a David Letterman bit, referencing the Mikes’ recent appearance on The Late Show.

“There’s nobody funnier than Frank, and when he did his impression of Golic I almost fell off my chair,” Mike Greenberg said of yesterday’s in-studio appearance.

Greeny’s only half right.

Oh, no doubt Caliendo’s funny, but he did more than “almost” tip Greenberg from his seat.

Mocking the way the co-hosts go into their breaks — Greenberg quickly says “[We’ll be] back on Mike & Mike in the Morning,” followed by a gruffer Mike Golic concluding, “on ESPN Radio” — Caliendo repeated Golic’s line, first with an elongated delivery, then evolving into an undecipherable growl which sent Greenberg fleeing hands over head into the ESPN First Take studio.

“Sometimes we takes sports a little too seriously…Frank puts a whole lot of fun back in the game,” Golic said.

Caliendo, who had two seasons of his own sketch comedy show Frank TV on TBS, was in the Bristol, Conn. area, heading down to Atlantic City, N.J. for shows Friday and Saturday at the Borgata. (Tip your waitresses.)

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