Monday Night Countdown truck ready to roll for 2012 season

Just like an athlete benefits from training camp, the Monday Night Countdown crew knows the value of readying its truck for the season ahead.

Before embarking on a 16-week, 24,334-mile journey, the Countdown production truck made a stop at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus for a two-day equipment install project.

Sharing a look behind the scenes in the video above is Operations Manager Carlton Young.

Thanks to the work Carlton and his crew put in, fans will see the Countdown team of Stuart Scott, Trent Dilfer and Steve Young live from NFL stadiums all season long.

Tonight, Monday Night Countdown Served by Applebee’s begins at the special time of 5 p.m. ET, followed by the debut of Monday Night Football’s 43rd season.

The expanded, two-hour pre-game show will lead into two divisional matchups — Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (7 p.m.), and San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders (10:15 p.m.) — and include new NFL analyst Jason Taylor. Taylor takes the place of Dilfer, who will serve as analyst in the second game of the MNF doubleheader.

Video produced by Allie Stoneberg.

  • Mama Nikki

    Trying to to enjoy my Monday Countdown show, but it has turned into the Peyton Manning show.
    Really getting old… There are sooo many other topics and players to discuss. He is a great player and so what! Let’s talk about other quarterbacks wither they are winning are not. Also can we give the receivers who catches the balls no matter where it is so credit !! Isn’t this called team work. You all can be very bias…
    Mama Nikki