Storified!: ‘Inaccurate Reception’ on MNF sends social media into frenzy

Seattle’s win over Green Bay in last night’s Monday Night Football game will be remembered for the controversial ending. On Twitter and in social media circles, it will be remembered for the all-out frenzy it created.

Here, Front Row looks at how ESPN people reacted, as well as what some on Twitter were saying about ESPN’s immediate and comprehensive coverage from Seattle and on SportsCenter.

2 thoughts on “Storified!: ‘Inaccurate Reception’ on MNF sends social media into frenzy”

  1. I am a huge NFL fan but after last nights outcome and horrible officiating the integrity of the game is very tarnished and I will not watch another NFL game again.just imagine if I am one fan that feels this way and has made this decision then how many more are their.its rediculous and uncalled for.u owners can pay players millions of dollars but can’t pay your NFL reds what they deserve.give me a break.well all I have to say is u lost 1 fan and how many more are u willing to lose before you realize u messed up big time.u might not see it now but its gonna happen.thanks that’s all I have to say.

  2. Last call questionable; BUT several other calls during that came were awful, including: “roughing the passer” called against GB in SH last drive; “pass interference” against Seattle during GB touchdown drive; “pass interference” against GB in Seattle last drive. Any one of those, or others, could have changed the outcome of this game.

    I say for every game officiated by replacements, give BOTH teams a “W”. Leave all stats in place (Seattle DID sack Rodgers 9 times last night!), but neutralize the impact of the officials. These games have been so poorly called that there is NO WAY to tell who should have one any game!!

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