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With Manning and Ryan in the lyrics, sing along to MNF version of
The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons will face off tonight on MNF.
(Photo credit: Christian Brandan/Barbara Blake/ESPN Images)

The stage is set for tonight’s big Monday Night Football game in Atlanta.

It’s Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos versus Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.

It’s a marquee matchup featuring two of the league’s top teams and best quarterbacks. One a legend. Another a rising star.

Manning is 11-3 in 14 career starts on MNF, throwing 29 touchdown passes.

As a team, the Broncos are playing under the Monday Night lights for the 21st consecutive season, the NFL’s longest current streak.

In this first-ever MNF meeting between the Broncos and Falcons, ESPN’s production team will open the telecast with Charlie Daniels singing a special version of his 1979 hit song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Below are the game-specific lyrics that Daniels recorded last week in anticipation of Peyton’s trip to Georgia.

Peyton went down to Georgia right out on the Falcons’ home field
He was in a bind cause in the back of his mind he knew Ryan was the sho-nuff deal

The boy said my name’s Matty and it might be a sin
But I’ll make you a bet that you’re gonna regret cause I’m the best there’s ever been

Ryan you’d better step up proud and give it all you’ve got
Cause Peyton’s loose in Georgia and that Denver D is hot
But if you win you’ll make it one step closer to the goal
Down that long hard highway to the Super Bowl

When Matty finished Peyton said you’re pretty good ‘ol son
But sit down on that sideline and I’ll show you how it’s done

Fire on the Mountain run boys run, Ryan and Manning gonna have a little fun
Chicken in the breadpan picking out dough
Broncs and the Falcons getting ready to go

Note: For more, ESPN Playbook interviewed Daniels about his involvement in this week’s game.

Country music legend Charlie Daniels (cowboy hat, center) and The Charlie Daniels Band. (Photo courtesy of The Charlie Daniels Band)
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