Behind The Scenes

HOFer Barry Sanders reflects upon his inspiring MNF opening narrative

In October 2011, ESPN’s Monday Night Football introduced unique openings to its telecasts with themes closely tied to the home team’s history.

For Detroit’s first MNF home date since 2001 — a game against the Chicago Bears — ESPN asked Lions legend and Pro Football Hall Of Fame running back Barry Sanders to participate in the introduction.

In the video above, Sanders told Front Row his thoughts about participating in the project. (NOTE: Rights restrictions prohibit us from showing the MNF opening in its entirety.)

The Lions visit the Chicago Bears for tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup. Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford stars in two new commercials for ESPN that debut today. In the ad below, Stafford scolds the Georgia mascot in an ESPN break room. In the other ad, Stafford goes through the break room refrigerator.

Video produced by Dave Williams.

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