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ESPN Radio’s Rosinski and crew deliver college football coverage coast to coast (and everywhere in between)

David Norrie (left) and Bill Rosinski will call five of ESPN Radio’s 24 bowl games. (Scott Clarke / ESPN Images)
David Norrie (left) and Bill Rosinski will call five of ESPN Radio’s 34 bowl games. (Scott Clarke / ESPN Images)

Editor’s note: If you want to see a lot of college football before the holidays end, ESPN grants your wish. Between today and Tuesday, Jan. 1, there are 15 college football bowl games airing on ESPN, ABC and various ESPN platforms. ESPN begins airing the BCS Bowls on Jan. 1; our analysts picked the winners of the five BCS games, including ESPN’s Jan. 7 Discover BCS National Championship between Notre Dame and Alabama.

And fret not if you’ll be away from your primary viewing option: ESPN Radio has you covered with audio play-by-play from the best in the business:

ESPN Radio’s lead college football play-by-play man Bill Rosinski literally becomes a student of the game this time of year — a time of year that ESPN Radio has broadcast every BCS Bowl game since 2000.

“It’s like cramming for a final exam,” he says of preparing for a 4-games-in-8-day stretch that began Thursday night in San Diego with the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl and continues Saturday night in Tempe, Ariz. for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. He and analyst David Norrie and reporter Joe Schad will then be off to Miami for the Jan. 1 Discover Orange Bowl, then back Arizona for the Jan. 3 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale.

If the travel doesn’t get to you, the Ducks will.

“I know after the Oregon game I’ll be worn out because of the pace,” Rosinski says, anticipating the Ducks’ high-octane offense he’ll see against Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. “You never know when they’re going to snap it –they could go right away, or look over the defense — so you really have to be ready. Dave has to pick his spots.”

While so many games in so little time might frazzle some, Rosinski says they’re more prepared than a team coming off a bye week.

“We’ve been together three years, and did 21 games including two conference championships this season, so we’re familiar with each other,” he says of working with Norrie. “David knows when to get in and out, and we go to Joe a few times a quarter.”

With a chuckle, he adds: “We’re like a fine-oiled machine.”

Some might assume that machine could sputter while traveling during the holidays, but Rosinski has that problem solved.

“My wife [Jane] is the statistician — she’s been doing all my games since high school 30 years ago,” Rosinski says. “It’s great, especially this time of year we can be together.”

When asked if he’s heard a producer “admonish” her through the headset, he says, “Never seen it happen.” But he checks with Jane, sitting next to him at the airport during Friday’s layover.

“Nope,” she confirms, before heading toward the boarding gate for their flight to Tempe.

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