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Know your ESPN analysts: Versatile Dan Shulman takes a whack at the ‘Dick Vitale or John Kruk’ quiz

ESPN’s Dan Shulman (L) and Dick Vitale.
(Credit: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images)

Dan Shulman got more than he bargained for when he visited the ESPN Communications department Wednesday morning.

Shulman, the 2011 NSSA Sportscaster of the Year (and 2012 nominee) and voice for Sunday Night Baseball and ESPN college basketball, spent an hour signing baseballs, talking sports and getting his new headshot taken.

Known for being one of the most versatile commentators in the business, Shulman has excelled working multiple sports with multiple analysts — perhaps none more notable than ESPN college basketball expert Dick Vitale.

However, starting in the 2013 MLB season, Shulman will be working with a new analyst — John Kruk — on Sunday Night Baseball.

Before Shulman’s visit was over, we tested him on how well he knows his colleagues in a quiz called “Dickie V or Krukkie?”

John Kruk (John Atashian/ESPN)

Which analyst ate an entire plate of barbeque ribs on a live 2012 ESPN telecast?
Shulman’s answer: Krukkie.
Correct answer: Krukkie.
Editor’s note: Dan only need to hear “ate an entire plate” before revealing his answer.

Which analyst once was an elementary school teacher and coach?
Shulman’s answer: I know that’s Dickie V.
Correct answer: Dickie V.

Which analyst says he first met his wife at the Blue Swan?
Shulman’s answer: Krukkie. That sounds like a place where Krukkie would be.
Correct answer: Dickie V.

Which analyst made a cameo as a baseball commentator in the first “Naked Gun” film?
Shulman’s answer: Wow, really? Well, I can’t imagine Vitale not telling me something like this. I’ll say Krukkie.
Correct answer: Dickie V.

Which analyst once said broadcasting is a tougher gig than being an athlete or coach?
Shulman’s answer: This has to be Krukkie.
Correct answer: Krukkie.

Final score: Shulman batted a more-than-respectable .600 and seems to be well in-tune with his newest partner.

Shulman and Vitale will call this Saturday’s UCLA versus Texas game from Houston at 5:15 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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