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NFL stars Ray Rice and Ahmad Bradshaw visit Bristol, herald debut of ESPN Sports Connection

Charissa Thompson (L), Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens), Ahmad Bradshaw (N.Y. Giants) and Colin Cowherd on the SportsNation set. (Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images)

On Tuesday, NFL star running backs Ray Rice and Ahmad Bradshaw visited ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. headquarters for appearances on such shows as SportsCenter, First Take, NFL Live, SportsNation, a live chat on and more.

As part of their visit, fans were able to interact with Baltimore Ravens standout Rice and New York Giants star Bradshaw via social media with a chance to win giveaways and prizes.

Throughout the day, any time Rice or Bradshaw said “Sports Connection” on-air, ESPN gave away a copy of the family-friendly sports game to fans that tweet at the ESPN show’s Twitter handle with “ESPN Sports Connection” and hashtag #BradshawandRice.

The results:

·At its peak, the hashtag was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter nationwide
·Hundreds of tweets sent with “Sports Connection” mentioned
·In total, 20 copies of ESPN Sports Connection were awarded via Twitter, with SportsNation giving away the grand prize that included a Nintendo Wii U console and autographed memorabilia

Here is a recap of their day on ESPN’s campus:

ESPN Sports Connection marks ESPN’s debut presence in the casual multi-sport gaming space and its first collaboration with Ubisoft. It is available exclusively for Nintendo Wii U in stores now.

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