Behind The Scenes

Volunteers in Team ESPN Radio Reading Room produce audio versions of ESPN The Mag, ESPN Deportes Mag


The words in ESPN The Magazine and ESPN Deportes Magazine paint vivid pictures to complement rich photography and imaginative layouts.

Still, not every sports fan can appreciate those publications in print.

Last year, ESPN’s Corporate Outreach launched The Team ESPN Radio Reading Program. Employee volunteers read ESPN content, such as The Magazine, and the resulting audio files are distributed across Connecticut by a nonprofit organization — Connecticut Reading Information System (CRIS).

Vision-impaired fans or those who would not have access to the printed content are the beneficiaries, said Kevin Martinez, Senior Director of ESPN Corporate Outreach.

Employees sign up for the program and undergo a 30-minute training session before becoming one of the volunteer voices, Martinez said. They are instructed to read the copy in a straightforward manner.

“We make it very clear to them that it’s not Mike & Mike, there is no commentary,” Martinez said.

In this role, volunteers approach the task as if they were “reading to a family member, kind of like reading to a parent or a child.”

The video above features just some of the dozens of ESPN employees reading for English and Spanish-language audiences.

Video produced by Dave Williams.

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