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@ESPNDeportes’ social media engages fans following coverage of the World Baseball Classic #wbcESPN

ESPN Deportes Twitter page.
ESPN Deportes’ Twitter page

Undoubtedly, social media has changed our lives and dramatically increased our ability to interact with one another.


For ESPN Deportes, social media is a vehicle to interact with U.S. Hispanic sports fans, especially during the World Baseball Classic (through March 19, Spanish language coverage, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Deportes Radio).

Front Row recently spoke with Adela Taulla, from ESPN Deportes TV Sales and Consumer Marketing group, and Mario Fraticelli, Deputy Editor, ESPN, for some insight into how ESPN is using social media to increase its presence at the WBC.

ESPN Deportes wants to engage fans as they watch the televised games. To that end, a unique thread on the ESPN Deportes Twitter account (@ESPNDeportes) and a branded hashtag (#wbcESPN) were created.

“We want to speak with our fans and not to them,” Taulla said. “We want to make sure that fans use us as a medium to be connected to the WBC social conversation. That is not only for our Deportes avid baseball fan, but the bilingual fan as well.”

Use of the Twitter hashtag #wbcESPN
Use of the Twitter hashtag #wbcESPN

In this environment, sports fans can also interact with ESPN Deportes analysts who are tweeting from the WBC sites and from the studio. In addition to Twitter, video updates via (starting Thursday) are also being used to get fans closer to the ESPN Deportes coverage.

How is ESPN Deportes leveraging resources from other ESPN Social Media teams to execute a successful WBC initiative?

“I guess we are the lucky ones since our initiatives are surrounded by creative leaders within the ESPN [Social Media] family, a truly supportive cast led by Kaitee Daley, Scott Turken, Michael Cupo, Ben Shields, and Gabrielle Cristobal,” Fraticelli said. “These colleagues have come together to spread the word about the WBC on ESPN Deportes while also promoting ESPN Deportes Social Media efforts. It has truly been a collaborative experience.”

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