Tweetback: “Snow Match” re-airs Tuesday night on ESPN Classic; Sweet 16 set for men; Women’s bracket mostly holds form

Front Row knows you have better things to do all weekend than check your social media feeds, so we do it for you.

Here, from the ESPN PR universe, are some of the Tweets, posts and other commentary you may have missed.

You can thank us later!

Before we get into the Tweetback, some more from Friday night’s incredible scene at the World Cup Qualifier between the United States and Costa Rica. On Sunday, Bob Ley offered his recollections of a memorable evening and below we hear from the game’s director, Bob Frattaroli, and its operations producer, Matt Martin. The game will re-air Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN Classic and serves as a prelude to the 9:30 p.m. USA-Mexico match on ESPN and pre- and post-game coverage on ESPN Deportes.

Frattaroli on the set location switch just 90 minutes before air:
We realized it was no longer safe to have the tent up due to the strong winds. With less then two hours to air time our crew relocated the set to a safer location. It was truly an all hands on deck moment. Every crew member who had a stake in that set was immediately in motion. Not only did they move it all in under an hour but every piece of equipment worked exactly as intended. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever witnessed on a TV remote.

Martin on the switch:
Once the decision to remove the tent was made, everyone raced over to help out in getting the cameras, microphones/audio setup, monitors, lights, power, desk, chairs, and all of the cables over to the new location and rebuilt as quickly as possible, all while the wind continued to blow snow everywhere. The crew worked together as a team and did a tremendous job.

Frattaroli on the production:
Despite the terrible conditions the game coverage was outstanding. We had amazing picture throughout the show and great replays of all the key moments. That’s a testament to our camera crew.

It takes a remarkable amount of skill and perseverance to continue to do your job at the highest level when it’s 28 degrees and blowing like a blizzard.

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