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Story of Cincinnati Reds’ batboy featured on tonight’s E:60

ESPN’s award-winning newsmagazine program E:60 features the unique story of a batboy for the Cincinnati Reds on tonight’s episode (ESPN, 7 p.m. ET), highlighted here in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Reds have qualified for the National League playoffs and are eyeing a sixth World Series title. Regardless of how the 2013 season ends, the Reds already have an unforgettable story in Teddy Kremer, a 30-year-old man with Down Syndrome who has an adventurous spirit, a willingness to try new things and a love of sports.

When Kremer got the chance to be a batboy with the Reds for a day, it inspired a team and a town. E:60 associate producer and Cincinnati native Megan Anderson — daughter of former Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson — provides a glimpse of the impact her first full-length produced piece had on her.:

What did you find most challenging about producing a full-length feature?
For me, the most challenging thing was trying to find a way to fit all of the wonderful moments we had captured into the feature. Teddy was such an amazing character and we had so many great moments of him interacting with the team and the fans – trying to pick the best stuff was difficult.

Any unique tidbits left on the cutting room floor?
Absolutely. Teddy is actually an excellent ball room dancer and we got to spend some time with him in the dance studio. I was bummed we couldn’t find a way to fit more of that into the feature. Teddy also had a great exchange with E:60’s Chris Connelly where he talks about the Reds players and how well he knows each one of their bats. That’s something we were able to use for a new feature at our website called “E:60 Extra,” where we have an opportunity to air online some quirky, fun, offbeat content we were not able to include in the piece itself.

What made this experience most impactful?
I think getting to know Teddy and his family made this an incredibly impactful experience for me. No matter what kind of day we were having, being around Teddy always brought a smile to my face – to everyone’s face. He is such an incredibly special guy.

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