E:60 gets familiar and familial with Steph Curry

Steph Curry and his father Dell while filming in Charlotte. (Russ Dinallo/ESPN).
Steph Curry (l) and his father Dell while filming an E:60 segment in Charlotte. (Russ Dinallo/ESPN).

NBA standout and shooting phenom Steph Curry will be featured in tonight’s E:60(7 p.m. ET, ESPN). Front Row caught up with E:60 feature producer Russ Dinallo for some background on the piece:

What is the primary focus of the piece?
The piece is called “Longshot,” and it has a lot to do with Curry’s journey from underdog to superstar. But as we spent more time with Stephen we realized how important family is to him, and how big a role his father Dell has played in his life and career. So in a lot of ways it’s a father/son story.

How much access were you able to get with Curry?
We spent three weekends with Stephen: One in the Bay Area, another in Charlotte, N.C. — where he grew up — and one in New Orleans for NBA All-Star Weekend. Steph was great about access. . . so were his parents.

What do you expect viewers to come away with after watching this piece?
The goal is for viewers to come away with an understanding of who Curry is as a person today, and what motivated, influenced and shaped him growing up. What I took away was how opposite he is from the stereotypical basketball star – he’s humble, family oriented, accessible.

Anything specific that was left on the cutting room floor that you think viewers would want to know?
He’s a great golfer. There’s one shot of his swing in the piece, but that may not do it justice. I heard him sing a little Miley Cyrus too. It wasn’t as good as his golf swing.

Curry’s Golden State Warriors take on the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 4 of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs this Sunday (3:30 p.m., ABC).

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