ESPNU’s #LittleExperts become Internet sensation

Breaking down sports just really isn’t that hard.

Just ask Brody, Nahla and Paxton, better known to the Internet world as the #LittleExperts.

“I knew the talent I was working with must have been special when I heard they needed a driver to get to our studio,” said ESPNU producer Josh Parcell.

Before the trio gave their opinion on who will win the Maxwell Award – to be revealed tonight during the Home Depot College Football Awards (ESPN, 7 ET) – preparation was needed.

“Upon arrival, I took Paxton into my office and gave him two juice boxes and Skittles,” said ESPNU coordinating producer Baron Miller. “After that, he declared he was ready to go.”

Responding to ESPN college football analyst Tom Luginbill’s questions, the #LittleExperts’ hot sports takes – such as “He’s a doggy!” “I don’t like the Badgers!” and “I like the USA.” – have spread across the Internet.

The video has been republished on sites such as E! Online, Sports Illustrated, Time, and USA Today.

The trio is said to be enjoying their time in the spotlight.

As for their future in the business?

Miller says it is bright: “It looks pretty good now. I think they can hold their own with any of our studio analysts!”

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