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Front & Center: Comedian Gary Gulman on SportsCenter’s “Enemy Territory”

Boston-area native Gary Gulman is one of six professional comedians supporting either the New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks in “Enemy Territory,” a pair of short comedy features airing on SportsCenter Friday and Saturday prior to Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX.

Wearing a throwback Justin Edelman Patriots jersey, Gulman joins Nick DiPaolo and Max “No Sleeves” Weisz, also Boston natives, in a Patriots-themed sports bar. But their party is interrupted by Nick Thune and Jeff Dye, two comedians from the Seattle area, and comedian/author Sarah Colonna, the fiancée of Seahawks punter Jon Ryan. Lively and comedic debate ensues. Full details, including a preview clip, are available on ESPN MediaZone.

In this Front and Center podcast, Gulman discusses his love for all things New England and some of the highlights of the “Enemy Territory.”

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