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ESPN unveils salute to Stuart Scott with “boo-yah” plaque

Thursday, ESPN hosted an informal ceremony outside the home of the SportsCenter studio in ESPN’s Digital Center 2 to honor Stuart Scott and his impact by dedicating a part of its famous “catchphrase wall” to him. A special treatment of Stuart’s famous “boo-yah” catchphrase was unveiled and now prominently stands out on on the wall.

The event was hosted by SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris and Senior Vice President, SportsCenter & News, Rob King, who remembered Stuart as a trailblazer who embodied so many of the exceptional qualities ESPN itself values: perseverance, creativity and diversity of thought and style.

An excerpt from Stuart’s book “Everyday I Fight,” which explains the story behind “boo-yah,” was shared with employees. Stuart’s daughters, Taelor and Sydni, their mother Kim Scott and Stuart’s girlfriend Kristin Spodobalski were all present for the ceremony which reinforced what a significant figure in the success and history of ESPN he was.

In the video recap above, hear from Stuart’s ESPN family and his daughters on why the special treatment of “boo-yah” is such a fitting tribute to the man.

Video produced by Samantha Baron

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