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Intern Chronicles: Social Media production

(L-R) Katherine Donnelly, Caleb Surly and Rachael Lackner at the ESPN headquarters. (Kyle Van Fechtmann/ESPN)
(L-R) Katherine Donnelly, Caleb Surly and Rachael Lackner at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. headquarters.
(Kyle Van Fechtmann/ESPN)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again this summer, Front Row’s Intern Chronicles series showcases some of ESPN’s summer interns. For more information on ESPN Internships, visit the ESPN Careers site.

The Social Media Production interns have been gearing up for another busy week at ESPN, preparing for the ESPYs and ESPN’s MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby coverage. Front Row sat down with the three to discuss those upcoming events, where they’ll be monitoring social media and putting their creativity to the test while coming up with posts to share on ESPN’s social media platforms.

Caleb Surly, Oklahoma State University, majoring in Sports Media:

What have you been doing to prepare for all of ESPN’s MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby coverage?
The best way to learn is to be thrown into the fire. After assisting with coverage of the NBA Finals and NBA Draft, I have a better understanding of what goes into social production for such big events. Preparing for the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby has allowed me to step in and really contribute. I have been preparing visual social content such as inning summary graphics, quote and tweet templates and creative GIFs for the Home Run Derby. This has strengthened my ability to think like a producer.

What will be your responsibilities during these live events?
During the event, I’ll be searching for what athletes and celebrities are saying about the event on social platforms and sharing it on the templates we’ve created. I’m excited to see what our team is going to accomplish on-site as well, especially with our all-access social correspondent for the Home Run Derby, Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis.

Rachael Lackner, University of South Carolina, majoring in Broadcast Journalism:

What’s been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far?
Just to go with your instinct. For example for SportsNation with the NBA Finals I would come up with a thought and be like, ‘Oh no, that’s stupid. I’m not going to say anything’. Then I went with my instinct and just did an idea I had and sent the image off and it got like 4,000 retweets, which was one of the best of the night.

Katherine Donnelly, University of Tennessee, majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media:

What work are you doing for the ESPYS?
Basically any kind of memorable moments that happen, we’ll be tweeting those out. I’ll be working a night shift and be here during the ESPYS. It’s good to have people here while it’s going on. It’s all hands on deck.

Do you have a favorite post you’ve done?
On the NBA Finals we did a Vine called six games in six seconds, so we tried to sum up the entire series in a six-second video, which was hard but also really fun. I really enjoy anything video-related because that’s kind of my background.

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