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Miami Marlins superfan Andres Salgado’s shaving ceremony

SportsCenter correspondent Will Reeve with Miami Marlins superfan Andres Salgado.

(Will Reeve/ESPN)
(Manuel de la Fe/ESPN)

“The guy is crazy in a fun way,” SportsCenter correspondent Will Reeve said of today’s assignment — spending it with Miami Marlins fan Andres Salgado whom producer Manuel de la Fe explains, “goes by ‘the Jose guy’ on social media and what fans call him on the street.”

On the eve of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez’s first MLB start since his May 2014 Tommy John surgery, the ESPNers were in town to tail Salgado prior to his first haircut and shave in 14 months – since Fernandez went under the knife.

“He’s a total character [who] has an infectious happiness and a deep love for his team,” Reeve said before the shaving/haircut ceremony. “His heart is in a great place; this afternoon’s shaving ceremony will raise nearly $1,000 for Make-A–Wish; Marlins Guy, the dude who wears the neon orange Marlins gear to nearly every major sporting event, actually had the winning bid, so he will be helping with the shave.”

This feature is scheduled to air tonight on SportsCenter.

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