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Hannah Storm’s latest “Face to Face” puts her in Sanders’ Lamborghini

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders gave SportsCenter anchor Hannah Storm the keys to his Lamborghini sports car as part of a “Face to Face” interview with the NFL star, airing Sunday morning on SportsCenter (ESPN, 8 a.m. ET).

Storm visited Sanders in Denver earlier this week with producer Jennifer Chafitz, their second NFL-related trip in as many weeks. The two were Buffalo-based the previous week for several one-on-ones with past and current Bills, capped by a live edition of SportsCenter from Ralph Wilson Stadium.

“We are now putting the ‘Face to Face’ brand within the SportsCenter NFL Sunday shows, which is so fantastic,” said Storm. “Now fans don’t have to wait for the prime time special; they can see the pieces right after they are done. From a content perspective it allows us to expand our reach, offer timely in-depth interviews and incorporate ‘Face to Face’ into our SportsCenter programming on a weekly basis, which is a dream come true.”

In Sunday’s feature, Sanders discusses: his early life, his relationship with Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, his thoughts on critics who say Manning’s skills have waned, and how new Broncos coach Gary Kubiak is working to improve the team.

I was terrified for the first few minutes, and may have slightly brushed a curb on my way out of McDonald’s. – Hannah Storm on driving a Lamborghini

Storm found Sanders to not only be an engaging subject but also a free spirit.

“He has an infectious personality,” said Storm. “He has the outgoing nature of a native Texan coupled with a gratitude forged from personal challenges that create a humble, devoted and hardworking persona with a heavy dose of fun and humor.”

That humor was on display when Sanders let Storm take the wheel of his powerful Lamborghini Gallardo during the feature shoot. He made his respect for the car clear when Storm asked him if he speeds while driving it.

“When I first got it, I told myself, ‘don’t go out and purchase a casket. Don’t get buried in this thing,’” he said.

After Sanders drove them to a McDonald’s, he turned the car over to Storm.

“I was terrified for the first few minutes, and may have slightly brushed a curb on my way out of McDonald’s,” she said. “And for one awful second I couldn’t locate the brake as we approached a light.

“But otherwise it was awesome,” she said. “Smooth sailing. He promised when he upgrades that he’s going to give me the car, and I’m going to drive the kids to sports in it.”

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